A James Craig home with 30-year dimensional shingles and color-matched valley flashing along the seam where the gable meets the rest of the roof.

Appearances Matter…Even the Roof

Today’s dramatic rooflines are a visible, important part of your home’s overall aesthetic. High-definition dimensional shingles give the roof depth and create the look of cedar shake shingles, without the maintenance. Valley flashing, roof vents and gutter apron should be color matched to the shingle color, making these necessary roof parts less noticeable. Most neighborhoods require dimensional shingles with a 30-year warranty. We recommend the HD SERIES from CertainTeed as an excellent dimensional shingle.

Want to visualize your color options? Try the CertainTeed Color View system.

water membrane
A close-up of the ice and water membrane applied under shingles.

Preventing Water Damage

Thoughtful home design can help prevent water leaks and snow and ice from building up in corners of your roof. We recommend applying an ice and water membrane in all roof valleys and at roof/wall intersections to prevent leaks associated with ice damming and driving rain.

hinged gutters
Hinged gutters with an extended downspout help keep water away from your home’s foundation and make lawn mowing a little easier.

Gutters Should Be Hassle-Free

The best way to move water quickly away from your home is to use a 5” gutter with a larger size 3″ x 4″ downspout, which displaces water further from your foundation and prevents water from spilling over the top of the gutters and damaging your landscaping below. Factory-painted, seamless aluminum gutters with box and strip mitered corners will never rust. For a clean look without unsightly nail heads (which will eventually rust), we install gutters with hidden hangers.

James Craig Builders knows there is a difference between a house and a home. We don’t just want to build a place for you to live; we want to create a custom home you will truly love and enjoy for years to come. To help demonstrate how you will benefit from what makes us different, we’ve created a helpful Home Builder Comparison Checklist and a list of our Standard Practices and Inclusions.