Heat Loss Starts at the Foundation

The top 8″ of an uninsulated foundation wall accounts for 45% of your basement’s heat loss. That’s why we recommend using insulation with an R-5 value along the entire foundation from footing to mudsill. We also apply a fiber cement coating to the top 8″ of the insulation because it serves as a protective coating from the elements…and the weed whacker!

Energy-Efficient Walls “Dress in Layers”

In southeastern Wisconsin, wall insulation isn’t a place to cut back. After years of experience, we have developed five essential “tools” for constructing the best wall system:

  • 2×6 wall studs at 16” on center. 2×6 construction allows more space for insulation, resulting in a more efficient home.
  • R-board sheathing. R-board applied to stud walls with metal wind bracing creates a continuous surface of insulation along the entire exterior. In addition, an R-3.5 insulation rating increases the home’s energy-efficiency.
  • Tyvek HomeWrap® over all exterior walls. Tyvek® should be wrapped over the entire house, including gables and the garage. Tyvek® resists bulk water and air penetration while allowing moisture vapor to pass through.

    On the left, a home with Tyvek HomeWrap™ properly installed all the way to the gables, covering the garage and wrapped around the inside of window openings. The home on the right is an example of what not to do — an example all too common in many subdivisions.
  • Extra protection at windows. The DuPont™ Flashing System provides an extra layer of protection. One of the components, Straightflash™ tape, creates a heavy-duty seal to prevent driving rain from penetrating the heads and jambs of windows. FlexWrap™ under window sills and doors prevents moisture from entering the home’s interior.
  • Above average insulation. R-21 high-density fiberglass batt insulation installed between wall studs is the premium grade. Combined with the R-3.5 exterior sheathing, our wall systems have a total insulation rating of R-24.5. well above the industry average.

James Craig Builders knows there is a difference between a house and a home. We don’t just want to build a place for you to live; we want to create a custom home you will truly love and enjoy for years to come. To help demonstrate how you will benefit from what makes us different, we’ve created a helpful Home Builder Comparison Checklist and a list of our Standard Practices and Inclusions.