Double drip caps help prevent water penetration.
Double drip caps help prevent water penetration.

Windows Make A Difference

We offer our clients premium grade wood windows that have significant advantages over vinyl. Wood windows provide better insulation, have the ability to be painted or stained, resist discoloring over time, and are far more durable.

James Craig Builders uses the Andersen® 400 Series, which offer seamless vinyl cladding that is vacuum-formed over a wood core. These windows are a great value based on performance and features including solid construction, tighter seals, and less transfer of heat and cold. Andersen® 400 Series windows offer the look of wood inside the house, which can be stained or painted, and the ease of maintenance of vinyl on the outside.

Andersen® windows have a better performance rating than most windows. They feature High-Performance™ Low-E4™ glass, which reduces sound penetration and protects your home’s interior from damaging UV rays. The windows’ aluminum mesh screens are nearly invisible and are much stronger than fiberglass.

Double-drip Caps Prevent Leaks

We use wide MiraTEC® window trim around all windows, not just the front elevation, to give our homes a finished, sturdy appearance. To prevent water entry points and eliminate water problems, we install a double-drip cap over every window and door.
window seal

Foam Insulation Creates Tight Seal

We employ air-sealing measures, such as using foam insulation on the outside third of the windows, to help prevent air drafts.

James Craig Builders knows there is a difference between a house and a home. We don’t just want to build a place for you to live; we want to create a custom home you will truly love and enjoy for years to come. To help demonstrate how you will benefit from what makes us different, we’ve created a helpful Home Builder Comparison Checklist and a list of our Standard Practices and Inclusions.