There is something so special about walking across the threshold of a home that you designed yourself. A custom built home not only fits your lifestyle perfectly; it has elements of your personality that you won’t find in an existing one. We’ve built a lot of custom homes throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about why our customers chose the custom home route instead of buying an existing home or another builder’s vision of what they think they should want. Below are 5 of the best reasons for building a custom home when it’s your time to make the decision:


An existing home may not offer options such as an open floor plan, professional- grade kitchen, and flexible living space, leaving you to remodel or live with home features that you wouldn’t choose. A custom home is built exclusively for you. It lets you realize your unique vision for every room in your home and gives you the ability to infuse your personality into all the details.


A custom home offers the latest designs and the safest, most up to date construction methods, all tailored to your family’s lifestyle.  Whether you want open spaces or cozy rooms, a custom home can be designed to meet your needs both now and in the future – if you want flexible spaces for a growing family, more room for entertaining, or dedicated space for guests and visiting family members, we can design a home perfectly suited for you.


Whether you have a lot in an existing neighborhood, a new subdivision, a country lot or even back in the woods, a custom home can be designed to fit. Our designers bring to life the perfect home to make it look as if it has always belonged. We make sure to place your custom home on the lot in a way that enhances the surrounding area and provides you with the best views! You can live wherever you want – it’s up to you.


Existing homes can be expensive to maintain. A custom home offers energy- efficient design with much less waste than an existing home. Custom home features like energy-efficient windows, thicker insulation, and better air filtration will save you money on utility bills, maintenance and can even offer health benefits.


A custom home doesn’t have to be beyond your budget. In fact, it’s not unusual for a custom home to be more economical than an existing one that may require extensive renovations and repairs. When you build a custom home, you have the freedom to design something that meets your budget, and we will help. Our all-inclusive pricing lays out a clear-cut budget for your home, complete with allowances that give you the freedom to choose how and where to invest your dollars. When building a custom home, not only are you able to take advantage of improved construction methods and cutting-edge engineering but you also get to choose the best finishes you can afford. We are able to make sure that design and budget meet and that you move into the home of your dreams!

If you are ready to start thinking about a custom home, please contact James Craig Builders at 414-771-5563. We would be happy to answer your questions and begin the design process with you. And don’t forget to come visit one of our current model homes so your custom home building inspiration can begin.