You finally created the house of your dreams. Now it’s time for the keys to be turned over to you and your family. This may be the most important day in the entire process because the house is officially becoming yours.

At James Craig Builders, we have implemented a unique and personal closing experience that our customers truly enjoy. We prepare everything you need in advance, so the day runs smoothly and we can close you out at your home with our team.

Leading up to closing, a plan is set into place to make sure your needs are met. About a week before the official closing your builder will meet you and examine the conditions and features of every part of the home. Anything found on this walkthrough is documented and completed leading up to your actual closing date.  On the closing day, we will use a different lead builder from our team for a final walk through. Why? Because it provides a fresh set of eyes. At this point, we are looking for anything that could possibly be damaged during customer move in, hardwood floors, granite counter edges etc. Our punch lists are typically pretty short because your home is finished before your closing date. This process ensures that when we hand you the keys on that very special day, your house is totally complete.

Throughout the construction process and specifically at the closing, we take significant time to make sure you fully understand the features of your home. This significantly increases its longevity and creates a space you feel confident in. Unfortunately, too many builders skim past important details such as how to turn off the water in your home. Not knowing something that basic about your home can lead to damage and expenses that could have been easily prevented.

Another unique detail of a James Craig Builders closing experience is that it does not take place in an office. We feel it is important to have the closing take place right in your new home. That way we are sure that you have everything you need, you understand all details and maintenance of your home, and you get to start your next chapter right away. We want to be there to celebrate with you as the keys are being placed in your hands!

At James Craig Builders, we believe in the importance of building lasting relationships with our customers. At your closing, we are happy to be there with you and wish you many years of happiness in your new home.  As we like to say “With every turn of the key…new memories are unlocked”.

It’s closing day for the Chaney family on their beautiful home. Mr. Chaney was not able to be there due to being stationed overseas for military service. We made sure that Mrs. Chaney and their daughters were taken care of and treated like family. Mrs. Chaney, who is also a doctor, was accompanied by other members of her family. Their daughters can be seen dancing, and it’s hard not to notice the smiles on their faces. The trusting relationship we created with the Chaney family allowed the building and closing processes to run as smoothly as possible.

Click here to see the Chaney’s beautiful new home.