Sales Center - Custom Built House

Learn What Our Two New Homes Have to Offer!

We are beyond excited to show everyone our new sales center but first want to explain why it is so unique. After being a part of the home building industry in Wisconsin for over 20 years we were ready to shake things up and provide a new type of model experience to potential clients.

So what is the James Craig Builders model center?

First and foremost, our new model center is a way for us to build relationships with clients and give them an inside look into how we build our custom homes. Here are a few ways our model center is going to bring value to the customer:

Evoking Our Passion Through Showing Our Homes

At James Craig Builders, we believe that the quality of our homes can speak wonders. Often times, aspiring homeowners will be sold on the design and decorations. While those things are critical components to the atmosphere of the home, it is not what we want to use as our ‘sales pitch.’

Instead, we give you the opportunity to learn about what is behind the walls and provide an opportunity to inform potential clients on the Advanced Building Practices that were utilized in the home’s construction. We think a good home is built through a trustworthy relationship and do everything in our power to meet the dreams of every customer.

Exceptional Customer Interaction

Walking through a model is a great way for customers and builders to learn more about each other and determine if they are the right fit. Building a home is like entering into a long-term partnership, lasting often well after the date you move in. Ensuring big-picture goals and philosophies are in sync are key steps before moving forward.

Once there is a good relationship fit, we begin by learning about the customer’s vision. We want to know things like:

  • Where is your ideal location?
  • What is your favorite type of home design?
  • What are some unique features you are looking for in a home?
  • Tell us a little about your lifestyle?

We never utilize a cookie-cutter approach with our projects. We know that some clients may have the “dream home” already in their mind—while others need a bit of guidance.

“Sometimes you have to take their vision and modify it so that it works with the property.” – Craig Rakowski

Creating a dream home takes time but we always want to go as far into their imaginations as possible.

On the other side of the aisle, we also have quite a few customers who know what they want to build but need guidance. In these cases, it is helpful to go through their examples and configure a plan that makes the client say “WOW”.

Our interior designer, Brenda, is ready to bring a whole new level to the project from a visibility standpoint. Additionally, we have developed an incredible team who are waiting to take any idea and run. Feel free to check out our team bios! Our entire sales center will be a living example of our team’s passion and work.

What Do We Mean By Advanced Building Practices

We can go on and on about our Advanced Building Practices but we think seeing is believing.

Here are a few areas our team builds differently:


We utilize the finest building materials and techniques for the foundation, taking into consideration the local climate and soil conditions. It’s why every foundation we build has its own certified plaque. Click here to learn about why the foundations we pour are the best in the business!

Walls and Insulation

Walls and insulation are crucial for the functionality of your home. We work with energy-efficient options that are also top of the line. We never cut corners on the installation of wall systems. Check out the five most essential tools we leverage to install your walls and insulation.


Your windows bring light into the home and have a crucial role in the home’s efficiency. Our building methods ensure that your windows are perfectly installed and are built with premium-grade wood that we have found to have significant advantages over full vinyl windows! Learn more about our premium grade windows here.

Roof and Gutters

The roof and gutters are commonly overlooked when designing the home. With all of our industry knowledge, we know that the functionality of the roof can make or break the home. Our houses are built with longevity in mind. We make sure that our roofs and gutter systems will stand up to the elements while complimenting the homes look and feel. Click here to see how we build our roof and gutter systems.

Siding, Soffits, and Trim

With our homes, the quality is in the small details. The right trim or siding can really pull a house together. We also want to leverage the best materials so you can avoid maintenance in the long run. Click here to see how Pre-Primed Fiber Cement will save you on maintenance!

Indoor Air Quality

When is the last time you heard a home builder brag about their indoor air quality? That is because this doesn’t always seem like a critical aspect of the home building process. The reason it goes overlooked is because most builders “claim” that they are building you an airtight space. To prove that we are doing it to the best of our ability we perform our own inspections after each project and show you the results. Learn more about why our homes have superior air quality.

“Regardless of the size home and what you’re building, the core fundamentals and Advanced Building Practices are in everyone.” Craig Rakowski

So what homes should you expect to see at our “Model Center?”

To make it a little easier to show, we have decided to build two model homes that will operate as our “Model Center.” These homes will include:

Aubrey Ranch Model 

Baymont Model

Every home building project comes with its challenges but we never stray away from a difficult build. We want to show you that we are not just throwing together a “custom” home and putting it on the market. Rather, we want to demonstrate our process and explain how it will get built the right way based on your lot, your design, and your overall goals.

At James Craig Builders, we are never going to cut corners and work with you every step of the way. Our new sales center will be a living example of our building philosophies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your dream home a reality.