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The Wisconsin Masonry Alliance (WMA) held the 30th Annual WMA Excellence in Masonry Awards Breakfast on May 10, 2018 and present James Craig Builders with the “Best Residential Project” Award. James Craig Builders’ project, “Tushaus,” is a full stone exterior home that was selected based on “creativity and design excellence in the brick, stone, and concrete masonry use on the structure.”  

Owner of James Craig Builders, Craig Rakowski, credits bringing the right people together to create a great team. Rakowski states their mason, Mark Stegbauer, owner of Harold Arndt Masonry, “knows the right way to do things and he’s going to do it the right way.”

James Craig Builders prides itself on using advanced building practices that get the job done the correct way. Their experts understand the composition of the building materials, how to use proper techniques for installation, as well as other important details.

“We really enjoy our partnership with James Craig Builders,” says Stegbauer.  “They are always clear with providing the parameters for each job but also allow us the freedom to create what we believe will work best.”  In the award winning project, a fairly rare sandstone from Oklahoma was used, purchased from Halquist Stone. Stegbauer and his team hand cut and placed each stone, some weighing as much as 300 pounds.  “In the end, it’s about keeping the customer happy,” remarked Stegbauer. “If they are proud of the exterior of their home each day they come home, we’ve been successful.”

Rakowski was invited to attend the Awards Breakfast to accept the award. Rakowski says, “I wanted Mark to go with me to get the award because it was a team effort.” It’s important to have a combination of excellent communication and trust between builders and customers and in this case, “we had to have the right mason to do it and Mark really brings that to our team.”

James Craig Builders is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. They are focused on building homes that are not only beautiful but, more importantly, sustainable, built to last generations to come.

James Craig Builders is proud of the team they put together. “Everyone is here for the right reason – to make a difference,” says Rakowski.

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