Everyone here at James Craig Builders is excited to be back in the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) Parade of Homes lineup in 2018. When we saw that Lilly Crossings in Brookfield was going to be one of the subdivisions, we knew it was a good fit for us. With as busy as we’ve been, it’s a great time for us to show what we do and how we do it in what we consider our own backyard.

We decided to feature a new model design we affectionately named the Rosewood Cottage. It’s a plan we’ve been working on for a long time. We’ve been looking for the right area to build the home. We took the floor plan we had and made further customizations to make it look like a house that would have been built in a place like Brookfield, or Wauwatosa, or Elm Grove back in the day. We’ve already received a compliment from a supplier saying it reminded him of the Wauwatosa house he grew up in 20 years ago. The house provides nostalgia, character, and personality to the area. We really went all out to make this home special.

With this custom home design, we’re trying to appeal to a person that wants something different than everyone else. We’ve taken bits and pieces from different houses we’ve built over the years and put them in there. We added features such as a front garden, an oversized mudroom/laundry flex room, a bonus room over the garage, a spacious and exposed lower level with a designated theatre area, as well as many other unique details.

With over 20 homes in this year’s parade, it might be easy for some of them to begin to blend together. When visiting the Rosewood Cottage, there are some key features to look for like the use of full stone on the exterior. If you’re going to go with an old world look, if you’re going to go with a traditional Tosa/Elm Grove type of house, it has to utilize full stone. We also created an office off of the front porch that has a door with its own outside access, providing the homeowners potential customers and clients with private access to the area. The garden is visible from that area as well. In addition, instead of just having a service door into the garage where you have to go from the garage to the house, we added a door that goes from the garden area right into the flex room. Another feature of the flex room includes a hidden pantry that connects both the flex room and kitchen. So as the homeowner comes in from the garage with their groceries, they don’t have to walk all the way around to the kitchen. They can just open that pocket door, put all of their groceries into the pantry, and then walk through to the kitchen. This space is multipurpose and provides many unique options.

The layout is also not the traditional open concept “L” shape. In what we are calling the gathering room, there is a fireplace with open shelving on the sides. In the great room,light.. two walls of stone create a beautiful focal point. The cabinets are all walnut, stained dalight. We also painted the woodwork. The landscape is also something that shouldn’t be overlooked. We worked with Johnson’s Landscaping and they just really knocked it out of the park.

One of the other things we love about the house is the big windows. It’s very open but it feels warm. We believe that everything flows together nicely with no wasted space. We also always try to look for nontraditional stairway locations. In the Rosewood Cottage, it opens to the great room. It’s got this nice, big, open railing that flows downstairs so it really pulls the lower level, the great room, and all of that space together. The home is 90% hardwood floors. The other thing that’s really cool about the house is it features enclosed finished stairs from the garage to the lower level. This could come into play with a multi-generational living situation. It gives the lower level bedroom and bathroom space more of an apartment feel.

A lot of what makes a James Craig home so unique is our advanced building practices. How can you spot some of these features? One big way is to look at how the house is trimmed out. Along with many other details, we often get comments about how the James Craig custom home just feels different when you walk through it. There’s a solid feeling in our house. Just like with all the homes we build, we didn’t want anything in the house that wasn’t perfect.

We know we’ll get asked a lot during the Parade of Homes if our model is a good example of what we build on a daily basis for our customers. The simple answer…this is what we do. We start with a plan. We take people’s ideas and help adjust the plan to make it match their dreams. We used the same advanced building practices for this project that we use with every other customer. We’ll proudly tell every visitor during the 2018 Parade of Homes that the Rosewood Cottage is a perfect example of what you should expect when building your home with James Craig Builders.

We hope to see you during the 2018 MBA Parade of Homes. And if you have any questions about the Rosewood Cottage or any of our homes, please contact us.