We had a blast at our newest event in May: The Rough Done Right Tour! At James Craig Builders, we stand behind all of our advanced building practices and wanted to showcase our process from the ground up. 

This event allowed people to come look behind the walls and learn more about what goes into each and every home we build. The Rough Done Right Tour featured the newest version of our Aubrey Ranch model with 2,746 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths. 

Here are a few of the advanced building practices that we use and how they stand apart from other home building companies:

Advanced Building Practices: 



The foundation of a home is by far one of the most crucial aspects. It is the cornerstone of the house and should be built to last generations. This is especially true with the complex Wisconsin climate.  

What Makes Our Home’s Foundations Different? 

We only use our own unique Integra™ CR Foundation System from Coello & Associates. Combined with the Form-a-Drain™ tile system, it is the strongest and most reliable foundation system available. 

  1. The Integra™ CR Foundation is also eight inches taller than a traditional 11-course block foundation wall, creating a more spacious basement without additional cost.


We know that poured concrete foundations are the absolute best option for homes in Wisconsin. They need to be strong and durable to beat the weather conditions as well as able to resist cracking and water damage. Click here to learn more about our foundations. 

Walls and Insulation

The walls and insulation in your home need to be able to stay durable and fight off the elements. We never cut corners on the installation of wall systems and have even determined the five most essential tools for installing your walls and insulation.

  1. 2×6 wall studs at 16” on center. 2×6 construction allows more space for insulation, resulting in a more efficient home.
  2. R-board sheathing. R-board applied to stud walls with metal wind bracing creates a continuous surface of insulation along the entire exterior. In addition, an R-3.5 insulation rating increases the home’s energy efficiency.
  3. Tyvek HomeWrap® overall exterior walls. Tyvek® should be wrapped over the entire house, including gables and the garage. Tyvek® resists bulk water and air penetration while allowing moisture vapor to pass through.
  4. Extra protection at windows. The DuPont™ Flashing System provides an extra layer of protection. One of the components, Straightflash™ tape, creates a heavy-duty seal to prevent driving rain from penetrating the heads and jambs of windows. FlexWrap™ under window sills and doors prevents moisture from entering the home’s interior.
  5. Above average insulation. R-21 high-density fiberglass batt insulation installed between wall studs is the premium grade. Combined with the R-3.5 exterior sheathing, our wall systems have a total insulation rating of R-24.5. well above the industry average.

This five-point checklist is why our wall systems are known to stay beautiful and in amazing shape! Click here to learn more about walls and insulation.  


Your home's windows are not only part of it's aesthetic but also play a vital role in its energy efficiency and natural lighting. We ensure that your windows are perfectly installed and are built with premium grade wood that we have found to have significant advantages over full vinyl windows! 

These premium wood windows will hold your decorative stains even longer and are far more durable. We use the Andersen® 400 Series windows, which offer seamless vinyl cladding that is vacuum-formed over a wood core. These windows are a great value based on performance and features including solid construction, tighter seals, and less transfer of heat and cold. 

Andersen® 400 Series windows offer the look of wood inside the house, which can be stained or painted, and the ease of maintenance of vinyl on the outside. 

We know what matters most in our homes and only want to put the best quality materials into your new dream home. Click here to read more about our window installation process. 

Roof and Gutters

While the gutters weren’t installed on the Aubrey Ranch for this event, we still want to highlight our advance practices for both of these home features. 

Roofing: We utilize high-definition dimensional shingles to give the roof depth and create the look of cedar shake shingles, without the maintenance. This is incredibly popular with our customers because not many people want to perform regular maintenance on their rooftop. 

Additionally, we consider the design of the home to help prevent water leaks and snow and ice from building up in corners of your roof. 

Gutters: Our gutter system is built around the idea that you want to get the water as far from the home as possible while maintaining the best possible look and design. The best way to move water quickly away from your home is to use a 5” gutter with a larger size 3″ x 4″ downspout, which displaces water further from your foundation and prevents water from spilling over the top of the gutters and damaging your landscaping below. 

Click here to learn more about our roofs and gutter systems. 

Siding, Soffits, and Trim 

Since we did feature the frames and foundations of our homes at the event—the siding, soffits, and trim were not on the home model. But, we cannot stress enough how important they all are for the durability and look of your home.  

We leverage James Hardie’s Pre-Primed Fiber Cement in order to help you avoid maintenance and cut costs in the long run. Made from 90% cement and 10% wood fiber, fiber cement siding resists water damage, delamination, rot, termites, and fire. This siding holds paint/stain much longer than traditional cedar so your home can continue to look beautiful for many years. Click here to learn more about siding, soffits, and trim. 

Indoor Air Quality 

Last but not least, James Craig wants to ensure that your home is a healthy environment and that means you need to have the best indoor air quality available. We want all families to feel safe and “at home” in our houses which pushes us to develop methods for efficient heating and a clean source for heating. 

New homes are built much more airtight than older homes, which can create a build-up of indoor air pollutants – some concentrations can exceed 100 times outdoor pollutant levels. That is why we go the extra mile when providing options for air ventilation and heating. Click here to learn how we ensure the best air quality for your home. 

Overall, we put our blood, sweat, and tears into making sure your James Craig home is your dream home. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our advanced building practices and how they come together for a beautiful and durable home that will last for generations.