Curb appeal is the first impression of any home. If you’re looking to build your dream custom home, you might want to think about a full stone or full brick exterior to maximize the appearance. James Craig Builders provides high-quality full stone and full brick exteriors to give your home a beautiful, finished look. It’s a big investment in a home, so it needs to be done correctly. The professionals at James Craig Builders are exceptionally skilled and value a job well-done.  

When adding stone or brick to the exterior of your home, you can choose between full widths (known as ‘stacked’) or half widths (known as ‘thin’).  There are obvious differences between the two, including how they are applied. Thin stone is sliced and applied to the wall rather than stacked. If you’re planning on doing your entire exterior in stone or brick, a full stacked configuration is encouraged for building due to its strong and sustainable foundation. Full stacked stone or brick provides a more solid structure to not only the foundation but the windows and doors as well. For a full stacked stone or brick foundation, it is essential that a 4-inch ledge is created where the brick or stone will sit.

Thin stone is a great option for those looking for an exterior that is beautiful but also cost-effective. When using thin stone, many builders do not put on a ledge creating the appearance that the stone is hanging off. At James Craig Builders, we create a 2-inch ledge for thin stone. Our ledge is dropped down near the foundation, and we bring the stone all the way down to the grade. So even when thin stone is used, it looks like real stone because it does not have the appearance of hanging off the wall.

Like many of our advanced building practices, James Craig Builders believes that adding the ledge is a small and cost-effective addition to your construction process.  It costs around $200 to install a 2-inch ledge. Some builders will skip this minor expense. They will tell you that this step is unnecessary and that your foundation can be covered by landscaping. However, at James Craig Builders, our thought process is that we want to make it right from the beginning. This is one of the things that sets us apart. For slightly more money, the aesthetic of the stone is pleasing and looks much more finished. This simple extra step will ensure that you will be pleased with the appearance of your home.

At James Craig Builders, we do not cut corners. We are straightforward with you from the beginning and inform you of the best possible building practices. This creates a huge difference in the quality of your custom built home, resulting in a more sustainable structure. If you are interested in the custom home building process in southeastern and have questions about full stone or brick exteriors, don’t hesitate to contact us today!