meuller building project

Sometimes the best testimonials come directly from our happy customers, in their own words. James Craig Builders was thrilled to receive the following letter.

Our dream home building journey…

The summer of 2015 left us with “the bug,” meaning we knew we wanted to move from our current house but couldn’t find the right combination of location, property, and house no matter how hard we looked.

Feeling beat down, we began to consider the idea of trying to find a property and build a new home. We have always heard great things about James Craig Builders and decided to call. Within minutes Allison pinpointed the type of home we would like based on some questions, told us about a model home we could check out as well as scheduled a time to meet with both her and Craig.

We were able to quickly determine the Baymont model was right for us and learned we could modify as needed. Having a beautiful model to look at really helped ease the anxiety of trying to visualize the finished product!

It didn’t take too long to find our dream lot, surprisingly! We were lucky to have found a needle in a haystack. As soon as we found it, Allison, Dave, and Craig came out to walk the property, helped counsel us on how the house could fit, and quickly recommended a quality banker and real estate attorney. And like that – the wheels were in motion!

We broke ground right after the holidays, which seemed like a pretty daunting time of year. But, Dave assured us – they do this all the time. The foundation and framing seemed to go very quickly, even in the dead of winter. We checked in weekly and began making selections with Brenda! (Which was a great way to avoid the Wisconsin winter blues, by the way!) Her advice gave us the confidence to quickly and easily make decisions. It was never the “overwhelming” sense that seems inevitable when taking on a build project.

Being able to walk through the house and see the views from the windows was a really memorable moment. We began to stop by more frequently as the weather improved. We became addicted to watching the progress and getting weekly updates from Troy. Troy’s experience throughout the final building phase was awesome. His planning perspective, responsiveness, and eye for detail was invaluable.

We also enjoyed interacting with all the different craftsmen working on our house when we would stop in, truly a very impressive group of veterans! We are forever grateful for the time and effort they put into our dream house! It was heartwarming that they shared our excitement for our new house.

On July 27, we closed on our new house – just as forecasted. It had been a push date for sure, with our other house closing only days later. Troy did a great job managing the timelines and all the crews cooperated to make this happen – sometimes up to 10+ people in the house at one time. My husband is eternally grateful we didn’t have to move in with my parents!

The closing process was just as fun as the entire journey. It felt like the first celebration in our new home. The handoff was flawless – not a single item on the punch list and we have Troy’s number saved for life. Knowing we can call or text him with any urgent question is priceless.

In the end, it was a great adventure and as cliché as it is to say ‘we do REALLY love our James Craig home!’ For us, this is a dream come true. And we’ll be back to finish out the basement – just as soon as we get the moving boxes cleared out!

– Amy and Josh Mueller