The company was amazing to work with and we’d never build another home with anyone else.

Our process with James Craig was a long one, many years in the making.  Bill had a dream of building his own home long ago, and for years I struggled to get on board knowing how much of a hassle it would be.  We started touring homes in 2013, and one of the first models we went through was the Fresno by James Craig. We didn’t know the difference from one builder to the other (at that time) and weren’t completely sure on exactly what we wanted.  We knew we loved the Fresno right away and felt like we came home the minute we walked through the door. That first tour is where we met Jean. Because you can never decide on the house you want to build after only seeing 1 or 2 models, we made sure to tour a whole host of other new homes to compare other builders and models to James Craig.  It only took another 50, 60, maybe 70 homes later before we knew that James Craig was the builder we wanted to work with, and the Fresno was the model we loved. We had Jean put together a plan based on a “few minor changes” we had in mind. A couple of tweaks later, our finished plan became known as “the Fresno on steroids.”  

We purchased our lot in 2015 and couldn’t break ground until 2018.  Jean literally worked with us from 2013 until we had an approved, signed contract in 2017, with much more patience and understanding than I could ever find within myself.  Once the plan was approved we were handed off to Troy, who managed the whole build for us, and Brenda, who made sure we made the right decorating decisions. Throughout the entire build Troy took almost daily, yes DAILY, calls from Bill to make sure “everything was going ok.”  He managed it like a pro and never made us feel like we were interfering. In fact, he welcomed the involvement. As Troy said from the beginning, it is easier to make any corrections or changes early in the process rather than waiting for the finishes to be done. Unfortunately for Jean and Troy, Brenda was the one who got to see the best of us (barring a meltdown or two on my part) and thanks to her, our house has some spectacular finishes!

Throughout the entire process….and I do mean the ENTIRE process….everyone that we met from electricians, to plumbers, to carpenters, and the multitude of sales people we worked with to select our finishes, sang the praises of James Craig as a great builder.  We truly didn’t know any better at the beginning because we had no prior experience building a home from the ground up. Others we have come to know who have also built their homes did not have the experience that we did. The level of detail that went into our home that we were unaware of (discovered by us via many tours of our home throughout the build process) was amazing and ensured us that we will have a lovely home for many years to come.  Their motto is, “You’ll love your James Craig home!” and it is true! We do and you will too! They took a daunting, terrifying process and turned it into an amazing experience.  

I was not excited about the prospect of building and had a lot of anxiety throughout the entire process.  I can tell you now that I love this home more than I would’ve thought possible. It has everything we wanted, and even touches that we never knew we needed.  Jean suggested at the beginning that we add a deck onto the roof of the lower level sunroom, so we would have a patio off of our bedroom. This has quickly become one of my favorite features of the home.  Thanks Jean!

Stephanie Beauchene