“There has been absolutely no stress during building – James Craig accommodated our every request.”

The Varadarajans found a tree-lined lot they loved, on a bluff over Pewaukee Lake but waited a year before looking for a builder because they were hesitant about building. When Gopu and Jaya began talking to builders about designing a custom two-story home to fit their land that might have a view of Pewaukee lake, their ideas were not taken seriously.

“We wanted the master bedroom on the second floor – we were hoping for views of the lake from up there,” explains Gopu. “One builder told us we didn’t really own ‘lake property,’ so we shouldn’t focus on the lake and design the home around what might be seen from a higher elevation,” Jaya cringes. After touring The Elegance Parade model and several customer homes, the Varadarajans hired James Craig Builders, in part, because Craig envisioned what they wanted. “We instantly felt that we were able to connect with this person, and he saw the hidden potential in our lot, as we did.”

Talking with the couple one month before their 6,500-square-foot home would be completed, Gopu says, “There has been absolutely no stress during building – James Craig accommodated our every request.”

“Everyone has been very accessible and the subcontractors have been wonderful,” Jaya adds. “The painters mixed a custom blend stain color to complement our dining room furniture, now called ‘Jaya’– nobody else would have done that.” She says they also appreciated how willing the team was to accommodate their religious convictions. Several members of the team even attended a ground-breaking ceremony performed at the site according to Hindu tradition where each person picked up a shovel and symbolically started the building process.

“Simply put, if we ever built again, we wouldn’t even think of looking for another builder,” Gopu says. And about that bedroom view? With Craig’s suggestion of elevating the building pad, the Varadarajans will enjoy a view of Pewaukee lake from the upper level of their home, from above the tree tops.

The James Craig Family would like to thank the Varadarajan family for their awesome review.

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